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PhD Student progress and follow-up

Mid-term evaluation

Eighteen months after the initial enrolment, a committee from the Graduate School board evaluates the PhD student. The committee consists of at least three unbiased members of the ED85 board.

During the interview (20 minutes), the student has to assess his/her work (topic, experimental work, planned scientific publications and/or already published work, highlights and difficulties).

The goal of the audition is to help the student to identify and overcome difficulties; to alert him/her of a potential delay and insufficient results regarding the standard duration of a thesis.

Considerations about career options of the student are also discussed on this occasion.

Progress report before the third year enrolment

Before the third year enrolment, each student has to provide the Graduate School with a summary of the status of her/his work, including publications, accepted or in preparation, as well as the scheduled date for the PhD thesis defence.

This document has to be signed by the director or a deputy director of the Graduate School for the student to enroll for the third year in the University.