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General Presentation of ED 85

Laboratories from the Région PACA Est are members of the Graduate School for Life and Health Sciences - ED 85.

82 Research teams

There are 82 host laboratories affiliated to the ED 85. Most of them are INSERM, INRA, CNRS or CEA laboratories.

Rules and regulations

Research teams affiliated to the ED85 agree to accept the Graduate School’s rules and regulations, in particular the rules concerning the recruitment and the evaluation of the PhD candidates. They agree to adhere to the rules regarding the defence of the PhD thesis defence and the application for an HDR.

The thesis supervisors must agree to respect the Doctoral charter. The thesis charter obliges the supervisor to devote adequate time to the training of the student, to help obtain financial support and to propose a coherent research subject.

Team information

The group leaders are asked to continuously update the website with respect to the organization of their team, their main research topics and publications, the names of students who previously defended a thesis under their supervision over the last 10 years and the outcome of such a thesis. Students considering a team for their PhD thesis can access this information online on the website of the ED in the section LABORATORIES.