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Online publication of approved PhD opportunities

Team leaders, who would like to propose a PhD oppportunity, need to fill in the project form, which can be downloaded from Graduate School website. PhD opportunities will be examined and approved by the Graduate School scientific board prior to be posted on the website.

PhD research opportunities can be submitted on the Graduate School website between February 3rd and April 27th, 2023.

How to fill in a PhD opportunity form?

Go to the 'PhD opportunities' tool using your identification (first and last name) and your password on the 'Research team information website'.

Fill in the requested information:

  • Name, title and address of the future PhD supervisor. Note that the PhD supervisor needs to have a 'HDR' degree
  • If appropriate, name, title and address of a co-supervisor
  • Title of the PhD research project
  • Abstract of the project including specific aims and expected results
  • 5 key-words
  • Additional information such as related references or expected profile of the PhD student

PhD opportunities online publication

PhD opportunities will be posted on the Graduate School website as well as websites from other graduate schools and the WEB from the ministry of higher education and research. The complete project list will be available online. Projects can also be searched using various key-words (subject area, laboratory and supervisor).

Important information

The Graduate School will not accept any PhD opportunity after the official deadline, unless a fellowship has been obtained after this deadline.